Robian–Leaving it all behind–Top Lyric Highlight


Singer/songwriter Robian ( a.k.a Robert Ian Pratt ) was born in Hinckley, Leicestershire UK but is now based in Spain’s Costa Del Sol.

Robian started writing songs at the age of 14 and had formed his own band by the age of 16 years being influenced by acts like David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Supertramp , Yes, Cat Stevens, The Who and Mick Jagger and the Stones.

At the age of 19 Robian started racing motorbikes and in the mid 1980’s with the help of sponsorship from Christian Dior and competed in The World Championship 500cc Grands Prix  now known as Moto GP. Robian retired from motorbike racing in 1990 and started racing Formula 3 cars in Spain and the UK but then retired from all forms of motorsport in 2006.

Robian began writing songs and in 2006 influenced by his love for country music he recorded 16 songs in a Nashville, Tennessee recording studio located on the famous Music Row in Nashville.

He says “The CEO of the company came down to talk to me  and gave me a lot of advice and words of encouragement for my songwriting” and the new material was born.

Robian has originally formed a band called “Robain and the Meerkats” but says “I did have my own band about 10 years ago and that’s when I came up with the name of the band ‘Robian and the Meerkats’  but a couple of years later the TV commercials for ‘’ who started using meerkats in their TV adverts started and so I decided to go solo”.

The brand new album ‘Tomorrow Will Be Our Day’ was produced by David Robinson at Paramount studios, Nashville and features the new single ‘Leaving It All Behind’.


You’re like a dog with a bone,
you wont leave me alone
You’re always on my case
You’re like a cat with a mouse
Running round the house
Keeping me in my place
I’ve had enough, I’m getting out
I’ve got my key, no need to shout
I’m going to get my motor running
Twist the throttle open wide
I guess I had it coming
With no place left to hide
My head is really thumping
With no one on myside
I’m leaving it, I’m leaving it
I’m leaving it all behind
I’m leaving it, I’m leaving it
I’m leaving it all behind
You’re like a snake with a rat
If you can swallow that
Your tongue is full of venom
You’re like a pack of hounds
Hunting the foxes down
You’re always gonna get them
I have enough, you treat me rough
I’m gonna leave it’s not a bluff
I’m going to get my motor running
Twist the throttle open wide
I guess I had it coming
With no place left to hide
My head is really thumping
With no one on my side
I’m leaving it, I’m leaving it
I’m leaving it all behind
I’m leaving it, I’m leaving it
I’m leaving it all behind.
Chorus repeated.



Papaphone are one of the UK’s best new acts according to The Observer


Papaphone started back in Hertfordshire Music College when Russell Perkins and Thomas Hammond shared a mutual interest in creating emotive  uplifting and well written songs. They began playing music together  focussing on the love of creating something special rather than playing the latest fads. Not being influenced by a musical style  they just did what came naturally.

Papaphone began to write from the heart and brought together a mix of melody  sincerity and warmth. Writing and playing around the local area , Papaphone built up a strong loyal fan base with their live performances earning them more nationwide publicity and gig offerings. Highlights include headlining the Camden Barfly in London to a record number of people for an unsigned act at the time and winning Battle of the Bands at The Horn  St Albans out of over 90 entrants.

Headlining venues around the UK including the infamous 100 Club  Oxford Street , London and The Roadhouse in Manchester along with a live interview on BBC Radio.  Papaphone then played The Waterfront in Norwich and earned the praise of being named one of the UKs best new acts by The Observer newspaper. 

In 2015  Papaphone released their first real album "Songs I Wrote" to critical acclaim amongst the folk community. Papaphone also gained some famous names as fans  including Shane McGowan and The Levellers.

A UK summer tour followed the album release with highlights including headlining Mr Wolfs in Bristol and appearing at the Sidmouth Folk Festival. The first song and video released from the upcoming record  ‘Isn’t It Wonderful?’ , ‘Lioness’ was played on BBC Introducing and described as ‘A beautiful song’ by Mr Gareth Lloyd.

The brand new E.P "Isn’t it wonderful" will be released on 14 November 2016 with worldwide distribution from Universal Music Operations and featuring the single " Lioness" which was premiered on the exclusive trending music video site    


Jude Jeyaraj–Yesterdays


Jude Jeyaraj cannot identify himself with any one particular style of music. In his own words "Eastern music (and ragas) offer a spirituality that just cannot be found in Western music." as a result  his music is very diverse.

Born on 18th September 1978  Jude spent his early years in the small town of Jaffna in North-eastern Sri Lanka. Whether running down its long sandy beach  chasing between the houses with his cousins and friends  or simply sitting alone on the lush green banks of one of the many rivers that sliced through the countryside  the young Jude felt that his home was a magical place.  At the age of five Jude’s father bought him a small percussion instrument called a mealam.

He took it everywhere  and was constantly playing  so much so that he fractured a finger and had to visit the hospital. To this day  a crooked digit bears witness to his early passion for creating sound. Jude himself finds it hard to explain where this passion came from. Perhaps  he has mused  the incredible array of sounds around him at this impressionable age; the babbling rivers  the chatter and shrieking of children  the crashing sea  or the noises of the towns daily life all entered him   planting the seeds of rhythm and melody?  By the age of seven Jude was playing the guitar  mimicking popular movie songs for his friends  his music developing through playing in the local church. The seeds were sprouting and growing.

At ten   Jude’s family migrated to London to escape the civil war raging in their homeland. Leaving his home  his friends and traditions were hard for the young boy.  A strange language  unfamiliar surroundings and the terrible cold were all tough on Jude  and to make matters worse his access to instruments and lessons were stopped dead  the cost of living in this grey land forcing sacrifices on the family.

The echoes of the music of his childhood now lay dormant inside him  trapped with no outlet  silenced by the roar of the city.  Two years on and Jude was given the opportunity by a local borough initiative to learn a new instrument  he picked the keyboard. His parents encouraged his learning and practice  seeing in their son a re- awakening of the passion that was so much a part of him back in their now seemingly idyllic life in Jaffna.

The lonely Jude threw himself into the instrument  the music becoming his companion and comforter  as well as his inspiration   and now he began to craft his own compositions as well as continue playing the movie songs he had entertained his friends with back home.

After some exposure in local shows  Jude was invited to join his first band “Rainbow” playing alongside  and then meeting more experienced musicians helped him develop both his musical knowledge and his performance skills. Jude continued to take formal classes to supplement his experience until  at the age of Seventeen  Jude performed his first solo show in front of a crowd of several thousand at Fairfield Hall London.

Since then  Jude has performed large shows all over Europe. He has taken to the stage with many top artists from all over the world  and has made a number of television appearances both in the educational and entertainment arenas.  Music has not been Jude’s only focus  he is a qualified Accountant and Financial Analyst working for one of the world’s largest Investment Banking companies, but there is no doubt that the seeds of Rhythm  sound and melody planted in him so long ago and so far away  have grown roots which have spread and entwined with the very essence of him.


Yesterday’s is the brand new single and is out now:

itunes link:

Plugging Music plugs Elliot Porter’s latest EP

Elliot Porter artworkElliot Porter is a singer songwriter based in Cambridge in the U.K who has just released a new EP.

Inspired by songwriters including Damien Rice, Glen Hansard and Neil Young, Elliot Porter self-produces, blending emotive and powerful chord arrangements with catchy tunes and strong vocals.

Elliot’s debut E.P Sleeping Under The Stars, November 2012, includes the track ‘She Only Goes’ which immediately went to number one spot on Cambridge 105FM’s unsigned chart where it held top position for 13 weeks. Elliot reached the area finals of the Open Mic UK Competition.


Elliot’s band The Missing Pieces established themselves in London and the South East following a headline spot at Stortfest and an appearance at Brownstock, which earned them a residency in Portobello Road’s Acklam Market. In July 2013 they released their debut single ‘Joanna’, which also topped the Cambridge 105FM chart and got airplay on indie shows from Cambridge to LA.

Another single followed called Down The River as Elliot started work on his solo E.P Keep Going, recorded and produced with Dave Gerard at Watchmen studios.

Keep Going contains songs which are more earthy and reflective than previous work and has already had many positive press reviews.


Elliot was nominated for Best Male Solo Artist at The Cambridge NMG Awards and appeared on their charity Christmas single, which received Radio airplay from BBC Introducing.

The Keep Going E.P includes a title track single and a duet with folk artist Melody Causton and backing vocals from former Bombay Bicycle Club singer Amber Wilson.

Performing on the EP alongside Elliot Porter on vocals, guitar and piano, are: Jack Daubney on bass, Tom Dulieu on drums except track one which was Stacy Plant, Dave Gerard on banjo, bass and guitars, Amber Wilson sings backing vocals, Rachel Lanskey performs strings and Keep it To Yourself was co-written by Melody Causton who also provides vocals.


Elliot toured the UK this summer, returning home to another NMG Award nomination. His E.P Keep Going will be released on Matchbox Recordings with distribution from Universal Music Operations on 23 November 2015.

What the press say about Elliot Porter:

Ian Markx, songwriter and journalist – “The EP has the flavours of Ray Lamontagne, Paolo Nutini and Mumford & Sons. The mix of bass, acoustic guitar, piano and percussion gives the songs an organic demeanour and authentic edge. The songs are classy folk pop at its finest”.

Chris Grayston, Future Music: – “Elliot is a creative songwriter with a powerful vocal to drive through any song”.

London FM – “Elliot Porter’s music is beautiful with lovely Lennon and Damien Rice-esque melodies that stay with you and touch the soul”.

Out 23 November 2015. Here it is on iTunes:





Video for a previous release “Over Again”

Some Live Dates

11th November – The Cambio Lounge, Bishop’s Stortford

21st November – The Portland Arms, Cambridge

18th December – The Sebright Arms, London

Plugging Music folk gossip – Joni Mitchell not in a coma

Big Yellow Taxi singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell is not in a coma, despite "rumours circulating on the internet", a statement on her website has insisted.

The 71-year-old has been in hospital since 31 March and her friend, Leslie Morris, has now filed legal documents seeking authority over the singer’s personal affairs.

The document was accompanied by a doctor’s declaration stating that Mitchell would be unable to attend a court hearing for four to six months, but giving no details about what was wrong with her.

The doctor had ticked a box saying Mitchell was unable to take an active involvement in her medical care.

"At this time (Mitchell) remains unconscious and unable to make any responses, and is therefore unable to provide for any of her personal needs," the signed document said, according to the celebrity news website TMZ.

However, the singer’s website insisted the application has been misunderstood.

"Contrary to rumours circulating on the internet today, Joni is not in a coma. Joni is still in the hospital – but she comprehends, she’s alert, and she has her full senses. A full recovery is expected," it said.

"As we all know, Joni is a strong-willed woman and is nowhere near giving up the fight.

"The document obtained by a certain media outlet simply gives her long-time friend, Leslie Morris, the authority – in the absence of 24-hour doctor care – to make care decisions for Joni once she leaves the hospital."

Mitchell has no close family who can act on her behalf and the court filing would not give Morris control over her financial affairs.

The singer was taken to hospital after reportedly being found unconscious at her home.

No details were given about her illness but a statement on her website said she was expected to make a full recovery.

The Canadian-born star with a distinctive soprano voice was one of the most influential, successful and respected singers from the late ’60s and ’70s with Big Yellow Taxi and Clouds being among her most famous songs.

A two-time Grammy winner at the height of her career, she earned a third Grammy when she brought out her Turbulent Indigo album in 1995.

Mitchell has withdrawn from public performing in recent years because, she said, of the effects decades of heavy smoking on her voice.

Read more:

Plugging Music selects Amy Lerie’s new folk pop EP

AmyLerieTornImageAmy Lerie is a French singer songwriter who is based in London and delivers a catchy melodic pop folk sound. She has been writing songs for seven years, since was given a guitar and played it for three hours every day.

Although born in France, Amy’s roots are from Madagascar, from where people have singing, music and rhythm in their veins.

Amy says: “Malagasy music is really rousing, using a djembe (an African percussion instrument), with lots of guitars, some maracas etc.”

Amy met her guitarist and backing vocalist Alex Arias when he listened to her songwriting via a link Amy posted to Facebook. Alex and Amy embarked on live gigs including her first appearance at a Malagasy event at currently popular venue, Proud Camden.


At Westfield Presents in White City, Amy played for an hour with her EP producer Maxime, who performs all the instruments except the lead guitar on her recordings. Next, Amy and Alex will be live at the Troubadour on 6 May 2015.

Amy’s real name is Valerie and she describes how she put together her artist name: “My first name is Valerie and my middle name is a Malagasy name which means lovely or sweet, which is Mamy. I took out the ‘M’ of Mamy and the ‘V’ and ‘a’ of Valerie and there it is: Amy Lerie.”

Amy is a big fan of country music and lists her influences as Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson.


In 2009, a friend persuaded Amy to record her songs. Her first single Torn has a lively melody with ukulele and harmonica as well as a nod to country music with some slide guitar.

The brand new E.P. produced by Maxime Raguideau out on 25 May 2015 and features the catchy and melodic single “Torn”.



Plugging Music on new acoustic duo The Zacas’ EP “I Me”

TheZacas_cover_imageThe Zacas is an acoustic folk duo originating from South Africa’s capital Pretoria, consisting of brothers Luigi on vocals with Salva Zaca on guitar.

Their new E.P entitled “I me” was recorded at Undahouse Studios in South Africa and features the acoustic single “Bored With Me”. These recordings harness the melodic and instrumental beauty of an acoustic arrangement and suit the personal nature of the songs.

The Zacas describe their music as “…going back to the roots of acoustic music, representing who we are, our identity and our passion for a raw acoustic singer-songwriter style music”.

Salva studied classical music at Pro Arte Alphen Park and became a renowned classical guitarist in South Africa. His influences include Miles Davis who he grew to love while studying Jazz at Tshwane University of Technology.

Luigi studied Architecture and design and was trained for Opera before discovering a passion for jazz and rock through his biggest influence, Myles Kennedy.

The Zaca brothers have played a lot of shows in South Africa including the well-known Barnyard Theater but have since moved to Indianapolis in America where they are currently based.


Find them online at:










Very British Folk Pop Musician gives Prince some Competition with his band’s musical arrangements

Until 2008, Boz Hayward was a punk musician who once rehearsed in rooms next door to the Happy Mondays and Oasis in the basement of Manchester’s famous Boardwalk nightclub, back in its heyday. When his bassist and close friend died, Boz turned to folk and acoustic pop to focus on his songwriting.

Boz with guitar on bedThe Bozchestra is the affectionate name for Boz’s band who accompany him on an array of instruments combining guitar, mariachi bass, violins, trumpets, keyboards, glockenspiel, the Russian domra, mandolin, dulcimer and slide guitar with percussion and drums.

Frequent line-up

The most frequent Bozchestra line-up are Phil Robinson on ‘guitarron’ bass, Mark Greer on slide guitar, Rick Burrows on brass, Dan Bridgwood-Hill on strings and keys and Rob Haynes on percussion and drums.

Born in Hereford, Boz’s family moved around with his father’s RAF work. Boz went to Manchester Poly and based his musical operations from Manchester’s thriving Boardwalk basement rehearsal studios.

Not one to refuse a “crooner” set with a piano, Boz also composes instrumentals and film music, which lead to his Shortscores album in 2013.

Boz composes for himself with the Bozchestra, although his creative output is constant and he has song material to spare for other performers.

Acoustic pop

The acoustic pop and urban folk music Boz plays is quintessentially English, something charming that had been sadly lost amongst the diversification of today’s mainstream genres.

The brand new album ‘Light and Dark’ will be released on 29 September 2014 on Bert Weill Productions with distribution from AWAL. 

The video for I Know Now