Plugging Music Blog brings you new music and sounds out there that deserve being brought to your attention.

These artists are putting themselves out there to be discovered and so can you. If you have done some recordings, set up Soundcloud, YouTube, a website, social media etc you are just as ready as any artist world wide to head to the top.

We want to hear about artists recording in any genre. We have links right across the music industry including commercial radio, so sending us a comment about you is a good idea. And we will reply, as people creating always deserve encouragement and acknowledgment, no matter where you are in your musical career.

If we like it we will feature it and help spread the word about any good music we hear.


2 thoughts on “About

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your commment.

      We don’t actually have an email address as most artists come directly through the site.

      Would you be able to send:
      Press info (in body of email)
      Links (as in blogs) to websites, videos, music previews etc.

      Best regards
      Plugging Music

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