The East 17 reunion has failed miserably

The East 17 reunion has failed miserably with just 30 fans turning up for a show that would hold 833 in Dublin.
According to Metro, East 17 delayed the start of the show in case more fans would come through the door but it would seem that the crowd was nowhere to be seen, just like the main members of the band.
Original members, the singers Brian Harvey and Tony Mortimer, have not taken part in the reunion. This East 17 is John Hendy and Terry Coldwell from the original band and newbie Robbie Craig.
East 17 had a number of hits in the early 90s in ‘House of Love’ (no 10 UK, no 5 Au), ‘Deep’ (no 5 UK, no 7 Au), ‘West End Girls’ (no 11 UK, no 4 Au), Its Alright (No 3 UK, no 1 Au), ‘Around The World’ (no 3 UK, no 4 Au) and ‘Stay Another Day’ (no 1 UK, no 3 Au). The original group had 12 Top 10 hits in the UK and 6 in Australia.
A reunion album ‘Dark Light’ featuring Mortimer but not Harvey was released in 2012. It failed miserably.


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