Introducing: Ryn Weaver

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She’s the latest Internet sensation and has an all-star army of pop writers and producers behind her. Get ready for Ryn Weaver, the new indie, electro-pop starlet!

With her latest song, ‘OctaHate’, Weaver has risen to the top of Billboard’s Emerging Artist chart and the track has only been out about two weeks. Pretty impressive, right? Well, when you align yourself with Charli XCX, Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat, and Michael Angelakos it’s not really that shocking that she reached the summit with them assisting her on the track. Weaver’s authenticity has been brought into question as of late which reminded me of Lana Del Rey’s rise to Internet fame. Whatever. Fuck the haters! ‘OctaHate’ is a solid electro-pop track with an explosive chorus. Honestly, if you can’t vibe out to it and you’re getting all tight about it, maybe you’re the problem. Just saying! Look out for big things…

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