A great soul singer – Sharon Jones (with the Dap Kings)

Published on 3 Apr 2013

visit: http://www.sharonjonesandthedapkings….. http://www.daptonerecords.com/
Live at Nancy Jazz Pulsations 2010
Intro (Bosco Mann)
If you call (Bosco Mann)
Without heart (Bosco Mann)
Give it back (D. Guy)
When I come home (Bosco Mann)
The game gets old (D. Guy)
Money (Bosco Mann)
She ain’t a child no more (Bosco Mann)
I learned the my man (Bosco Mann)
I’m not gonna cry (T. Brenneck)
Window shopping (W. Gordon)
Better things (H. Steinweiss)
Interlude et Mean Man (Bosco Mann)
This land is you land (Woody Gunthrie)
One hundred days (Bosco Mann)
Reprise of 100 days Destination End (Bosco Mann)


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