Marathon Running Ex-Mod Grandfather Realises Musical Dream after Brain Tumour

James Pearce, 63, wastes no more time to launch his own career as a singer-songwriter after successful surgery to remove a brain tumour.

James Pearce - I'm Nobody's Hero
James Pearce – I’m Nobody’s Hero

James Pearce was once an apprentice upholsterer before becoming a Mod, riding a Lambretta Zoo SXSpecial and absorbing the music of the 60s and 70s, especially Johnny Duncan and The Blue Grass Boys.


Although a self-declared failed guitarist, James took to singing and ran a karaoke night with his brother John, whom James claims is the better singer. This resulted in James recording an album of covers of his favourite songs such as Johnny Duncan’s ‘Last Train to San Fernando’. In 2009 James penned his first song: “She Came Walking”.

James Pearce anticipates release of his new album Nearly A Life
James Pearce anticipates release of his new album Nearly A Life

Happily married with two children, James is now a grandfather, which seems to be all the rage amongst Glastonbury’s headline performers.


James’ life changed dramatically when he was diagnosed with a large brain tumour in the base of his skull, but this was successfully removed in 2011 by his hero and surgeon Richard Kerr. While in hospital, James first heard about Headway Oxfordshire, which supports change to people’s lives after a brain injury.

As a passionate marathon runner, Headway Oxfordshire inspired James to regain his fitness after his surgery, to run the Snowdonia Marathon in aid of the charity. James also narrated a CD to celebrate the charity’s 25th anniversary.


His recovery also spurred James on to conquer the guitar in order to record another album of covers called Ruby – Driving for Miles.

Since then, James has written two albums called ‘Nearly a Life’ and ‘I’m Nobody’s Hero’, which he has performed live at festivals and private functions.

The album ‘Nearly a Life’ will be released by Matchbox Recordings on 7 July 2014 with distribution from Universal Music Operations.


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