Mix of Soul Vocals, Melodies and Hooks, Live Band and Production Give Us Retrostate

“Turn it Up” is the funky, catchy and melody-driven new single from Retrostate. The Retrostate line up features Damon Goss (producer), Marcus Pearson (Vocals), Rick Greaves (Guitars) and Lawrence Greenfly from Subfactory Records on keyboards.

Turn it Up according to Retrostate
Turn it Up according to Retrostate

Since Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, featuring the guitar of 70s dance greats Chic’s Nile Rodgers, soul and funk has been making a comeback bringing escapist music for our troubled economic times.

Except today there is the added arrangement by producers who work closely with performing artists to create a diverse blend of club, dance, old skool, soul, funk and house to deliver a sound this decade will be remembered for.


Retrostate have had previous success including the club anthem “Tonight” and producer Damon Goss has remixed, written and arranged for labels such as Manifesto, Mantra Recordings and Wonderboy with tracks including the Dextrous remixes of Da Hools “Meet Her at the Love Parade” and Brainbug’s “Nightmare”.

Soul singer Marcus Pearson’s vocals have been used by many top producers and remixers including Richard Earnshaw, Jeremy Sylvester and Maurice Joshua.


Pearson’s debut solo album of progressive trance “My Life,” written and arranged by Damon Goss, on Oscar P’s NY label Openbar Music was a success in 2012. As a singer, his influences include Stevie Wonder, Seal, Jamiroquai, Sly Stone.

Retrostate deliver a blend of Disco Funk and pop but always stay true to their songwriting roots, keeping strong on melodies and hooks. Together; Damon, Marcus, Ricky, and Loz’s style is Retrostate.

“Turn it Up” comes bundled with 5 different club mixes and will be released on 19 May 2014 on Rubicon Recordings:


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