New song due for release on 14 March 2014

PEOPLE LIKE YOU announce “Have Some Pride” as the first single off their upcoming album, Found Me.


Six years after the release of their eponymous debut album, French-Irish duo “People Like You” are back with a whole new album filled with pop goodness, once again mixed by Japan’s top sound engineer, Goh Hotoda (Madonna, Prince, Depeche Mode). “Have Some Pride” is a power pop tune with a rock edge and a beautiful arrangement done by none other than French pianist Philippe Saisse (Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Elton John), who also worked on the duo’s previous album alongside Goh.

Not only do Philippe’s strings add a touch of sophistication to the catchy obsession themed song, but he also crafted an Eleanor Rigby-esque strings-only version that can be found both on the album and E.P as a bonus track.


The E.P also comes with remixes galore from friends and fans of PLY across the globe including Tokyo-based French composer and DJ Davy B. (Hotel Costes), French electropop producer Mattanoll (Lily Allen, Empire of the Sun), Italian producer Maurizio Patti (Electroker, Big Mama’s House) and world-renowned tech-house DJ duo Ultimate Breakers. The song also comes with a music video directed by Yvette Farmer of Cultivate Films and produced by Corin Taylor of 4AM Films. The E.P and video are distributed by Pschent Music.


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